The future? What’s in store

I feel like times cause me to stress and lose focus entirely on my life’s focuses even if it means losing focus on my own future. I’m rather jaded at the idea of people eventually not even being able to think for themselves, it would be such a pity to live in a world were everyone is so bland and monotone. Aside from that, we should focus on raising our young generation to be scholars and thinkers rather than have them rely on technology to do thinking for them. When I think of my future, I plan on doing what I can now to make my future even better and less stressful. Surely by doing good now I feel motivated to keep doing good as I’d hope the outcome of my hard work will pay off with a good life. Like Muhammad Ali once said “Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Who am I?

The version of me that shows up during difficult situations is the one that’s got to pray. I find myself being spiritual and relying on god to take my burdens and carry me out through a hard time. I’ve found myself to be quite successful in having his helping hand throughout my darkest days. As the rising action intensifies in Fahrenheit 451, I feel like Montag would feel like he doesn’t want to go on. For some reason, I feel like he sees no point in life with the way the world is, that he can’t change peoples minds and I feel that he may commit suicide.

Literary Elements

As far as remembering goes, I can name diction, syntax, ethos, pathos and logos. The problem with me is that I know I know more - but I just need a refresher. I need to be reminded of it to most times remember what it is I’m thinking of. Maybe that’s a literary element too!

What did I learn in the reading ?

i had absolutely NO time to read this weekend. The little time I had at home was spent resting and sleeping. I went to a good size car show, got 8 clubs involved and made new friends which in turn brought in other business connections. It’s going great
Now days it is very very hard to have peace and quiet. Where I live, I hear sirens passing by the busy street on the other side of my house, I hear a SCANDAL train - as in it has a ridiculous horn and is VERY VERY loud and it passes by multiple times during the day. Needless to say, I can’t find silences in my own house

Forgetfulness Topic

To me, remembering the dates of a relationship anniversary, a birthday of our loved ones - even remembering days to remember those who have passed away are important. No doubt it’s always commemorable to remember a special day Years afternoon it has happened, if the day is significant enough - say like an anniversary to when you get married - no doubt you’d want to celebrate it year after year to show that you still are happy the way you were when first you got married! Or to commemorate a loved one who has passed away celebrate their life and keep their spirit alive in our hearts - it’s little things however; they mean a lot to anyone if they have the right heart and attitude about it.

My favorite saying topic

My favorite saying - “If you don’t behave that man is going to take you home!” So funny, I’ve noticed really only Mexican parents especially mothers do this to their children to scare them into behaving! Funny because it works and even funnier because I remember how quickly I’d get my act together, it keeps it fresh in my mind because nowadays it seems most parents ignore heir kids even when they’re being bad - it’s like they need a scare too ..: