a year of progress, a year in review...

  This year I have expanded my growth tremendously. I have been able to more fully grasp what it is to put out music, to make music, and to really invest in music. Before this year, $20 was the most I'd spend on a record - maybe $50 if I'm wild. Then a great friend told me ... "IF you want the GOOD stuff; you're gonna have to pay." I began to manage money so I could invest in big money records - and that's where the fun came in! 
  I've also more fully grasped the game of being an audiophile. I keep learning and improving my recording techniques, my remastering skills and becoming more wise as to what cartridge will make my records sound the BEST. I've had the privilege to even remaster a record that was previously unreleased for a client interested in my work!
  I have also been able to fulfill my dream of joining a band. A band that plays the kind of music I like! This has led to my next major opportunity and…

My learning was lit

This year I learned the following terms and I applied them as I read some pretty great stuff:

Allusion is a reference to something the author thinks we should know
The plot is the sequence of events in a story
The theme is the main idea
Diction is the choice and use of words
Syntax is the arrangement of words used to create well formed sentences
Indirect Characterization is reference to a character without mention of their name
Direct Characterization is referencing to a character directly
Symbolism is using something to represent another thing bigger than its actual meaning.
Synecdoche is a figure of speech where a part is made the represent the whole

The same old song

Getting to do something - for me, is to enjoy it. Having to do something is a chore. Having to do something is most times dreadful. Even weekly or regular things for me I can still see as getting to do something. Like rehearsing with my band or remastering Records - it’s all fun. But having to put gas in the truck, go to the store, make dump runs - that sucks and i HAVE to do it.

My busy weekend ...

Regardless to say, this was likely the BUSIEST weekend of 2018 for myseld. On Friday I woke up around 6 AM, loaded up my DJ equipment and prepared for the annual West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals Friday night cruise; it’s my annual tradition to spin oldies during the cruise and people know me well there. As well as having to set up at 10 AM, I also got ready to attend my mom’s Allan Hancock College graduation! Just before the graduation, I picked up a Corsage for my lovely Corina as Sunday was prom. After attending the ceremony, I rushed to the cruise and commenced the classics!!! I got home around 11 AM, then woke up the next day and prepared for a gig with my band - The Drive-In Romeos at the West Coast Kustoms Car Show at the fairgrounds. We played a great set and people from all over watched us. People from Japan, Australia, the U.K. - and many other states. After the car show, I went to an after party myself and my folks were invited to, hosted by my friend Chuco at Vinylisti…

So Funny (Dimas III Reference)

what makes something funny? I don’t know, it just happens

What to do?? (Little Henry and the Laveers reference)

Ooo well, let’s say I always think of whats to come. I know I’m focused when stuff is going how I planned it to be. I like to take it a day at a time with my future always in mind and how I can improve the future through my experiences throughout the day. I am a very busy person and I’ve been for a while lately. I’ve found it’s best to keep a written record of what I need to do so that way I’m never lost.

Most interesting blog

Yoselyn’s presentation was good because it explored multiple career fields AND Gee brought cookies. A win win